NINA Automotive Accessory Installers

We all know what a regular auto dealership looks like: It has a sales department and a service department. So too do places like oil lube shops, pep boys, brake and wheel centers etc. All of them have a place where you buy the products, and service bays where the products are installed.

But all of a sudden we’re starting to see a massive amount of auto accessories being sold online through websites like Amazon. The problem is that none of these online behemoths actually install anything. For that matter, it’s hard to get through to a service tech when you need install assistance. Just try calling Amazon and you’ll see what I mean.

So what we’ve done is create a simple label that goes on the side of a box for products that require installation, which simply allows the consumer to find a local installer for that product – simply by scanning the QR code on the label or texting the word install to the number on the label.

NINA label

NINA label

This is an incredibly powerful idea that will serve to send a steady stream of installations to brick and mortar stores who need the business. It’s a fantastic service for folks that buy nine, yet still need installation, and lastly, it’s a great way for manufacturers to ensure that their products are being installed correctly. Oftentimes a proper installation will result in far higher consumer satisfaction as it relates to the product they’ve bought.



Let me know if you think NINA (The National Installer Network of America) is a good thing, and how it might effect your business.


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