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InstallerAlert is the latest product to be introduced by NINA (The National Installer Network of America).


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with InstallerAlert, installers of all kinds can be alerted in live time whenever a consumer needs a local installation.

When a consumer receives their package (from an online purchase as an example), they can simply text a “keyword” to the InstallerAlert number on the package. This instantly alerts the installers that are closest to them. It is seamless, trouble free, does not require an app download and is extremely easy to use.

The result is instant service provided to the consumer, faster local response times,  automatically generated leads in live time to installers, and a fantastic new way for brands and retailers to offer an added level of service to its customers. It is really the next step in efficiency through better use of technology.

Consumers require instant gratification. They do not want to look things up online, make phone calls, research installers etc. They simply want help right there on the spot with the least amount of friction possible. That’s what InstallerAlert provides.

Brands use the InstallerAlert label on their packages. Installers and service providers register with InstallerAlert to get live leads. The rest is simple, seamless and hugely beneficial to all.

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